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Members of the Political Communication Network employ a wide range of research methods and analytical perspectives to advance our understanding of the practices, content, and implications of political communication. The Network recognises that political communication is produced by multitude of actors, including – but not limited to – political parties, news media, governmental institutions, international organisations, interest groups, social movements, and digital citizens.

Key functions of the Network encompass:

  • Supporting political communication research by sharing knowledge, methods, and resources.
  • Facilitating collaborative research in the area of political communication.
  • Organising events for the dissemination and discussion of research findings, such as stand-alone workshops and panels at NZPSA conferences.
  • Coordinating activities with other NZPSA networks as well as with international specialist groups.
If you wish to join the network, please contact Olli Hellmann: ohellman@waikato.ac.nz


Andrew Lim, University of Auckland

Luna Zhao, University of Auckland

Mark Boyd, University of Auckland

Sarah Bickerton, University of Auckland

Natalia Chaban, University of Canterbury

Nadine Kreitmeyr, University of Canterbury

Edward Elder, University of Auckland

Serena Kelly, University of Canterbury

Karl Löfgren, Victoria University of Wellington

Claire Robinson, Massey University

Simon Mark, Massey University

Lara Greaves, University of Auckland

Geoff Kemp, University of Auckland

Mona Krewel, Victoria University of Wellington

Phuong Vu, University of Otago

Justin Phillips, University of Waikato

Olli Hellmann, University of Waikato

Jennifer Lees-Marshment, University of Auckland

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