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The Aotearoa New Zealand Politics Network was established in 2014 to promote the study of Aotearoa New Zealand politics and to provide a supportive environment for post-graduates, practitioners and researchers of politics in Aotearoa.

Regular Activities

The network holds zoom seminars regularly throughout the academic year to hear about completed, ongoing and emerging research. These meetings follow a very relaxed and informal style of engagement to encourage broad participation. We particularly encourage participation from post-graduate students, and researchers who are at any stage of their project development.

Seminars from 2021 and 2022 are listed below:

2022 Seminars:

 Date  Presenter  Seminar Topic 
 20 May                  Joshua Ferrer   Election Lawmaking in New Zealand: A Research Agenda
 8 July  Valerie Wallace and Rebecca Lenihan   Introducing the People of Parliament Project
 22 July  Shirin Brown  Bureacrazy: The local board member experience of Auckland Council processes 
 26 August  Tohunga Riwai  Media framing of Māori in relation to He Puapua 2021
 23 September  Joshua James  Gay Neo-Nazis: queering white supremacy, or, queer white supremacists?

2021 Seminars:

 Date  Presenter  Seminar Topic 
 11 June  Luke Oldfield  Populism in criminal justice reform
 2 July            Salma Malik                        Online media, politics and young people
 23 July  Luna Zhao  Political marketing and Chinese voters
 13 August  Tim Fadgen  Public Policy research
 3 September  Maria Bargh  Towards a 'tika' political science in Aotearoa New Zealand
 1 October  Michael Swanson  The leader of the opposition and MMP
 29 October  Will Dreyer  New Zealand select committees

For the upcoming schedule of seminars, please email Professor Janine Hayward

Upcoming Events

The Aotearoa Politics Network will hold a day workshop in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington on 28 November 2022. This is the day before the online NZPSA/TKTToA conference begins. A catered lunch will be provided for those who can attend in person (Rutherford House), and Zoom will be available for those who want to attend remotely. Registration is free and we particularly welcome post-graduate students to join us.

The purpose of the day is to have a semi-structured round-table discussion about current research projects. We would like to profile research about the local government elections in October and forecast ahead to research planned for the general election next year. We will also run a panel session for post-grad students to share advice and tips about combining conferences and publications with writing a thesis.


The network membership in open to anyone interested in politics in Aotearoa. We particularly welcome post-graduate students, practitioners and scholars who are looking for a supportive, informed and enthusiastic audience for their ideas and research.

If you wish to the join the network and be a part of our mailing list, please contact Professor Janine Hayward.

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