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Gender & politics Network


The Gender and Politics Network was created to provide a platform for scholars and other professionals who share an interest in issues and debates around gender and politics.

The group’s aims are:

    • To promote the study of gender and politics within mainstream political science and other related disciplines.
    • To build a network of scholars interested in investigating the different aspects of the relationship between gender and politics.
    • To have a direct and real impact on the practice, teaching and the study of politics.
    • To provide a platform for exchange and facilitate contact and communication between scholars engaged in the study of gender and politics.
    • To facilitate research co-operation on topics in the areas of gender and politics, by promoting equality in the profession.
    • To organise, initiate and invite contributions on gender politics at the NZPSA conferences, workshops and other events, as well as awarding prizes.


  • Jennifer Curtin - j.curtin@auckland.ac.nz  feminism, gender, political institutions, careers, leadership and voting behaviour
  • Heather Devere  Heather.Devere@otago.ac.nz women, politics and friendship; gender and the media; gender in peace and conflict studies
  • Sylvia Frain - sylviacfrain@gmail.com indigenous women’s resistance to political colonisation and American militarisation in the Marianas Archipelago
  • Lara Greaves – Lara.Greaves@auckland.ac.nz gender, sexuality and political identity; statistical models of voter preference and turnout
  • Bronwyn Hayward  Bronwyn.hayward@canterbury.ac.nz women, youth, political participation and civic engagement
  • Janine Hayward - Janine.Hayward@otago.ac.nz Gender and local government, Treaty of Waitangi politics, NZ Constitutionalism
  • Priya Kurian - pkurian@waikato.ac.nz (Women’s Caucus Rep, Co-editor Women Talking Politics), women, feminism, gender and culture, development and environment
  • Suzanne Loughlin - suzanne.loughlin@gmail.com  Feminism, peacekeeping, interventions, foreign aid, international humanitarian and development practice
  • Sally Morrison - Sally.Morrison@gmail.com women, gender and security studies
  • Gauri Nandedkar - ln35@students.waikato.ac.nz intersections of policy, adolescent girls and empowerment programmes
  • Lena Tan - Lena.Tan@otago.ac.nz Feminism, constructivism, postcolonial approaches to international relations, decolonization, development & aid, Indonesian security and foreign policy
  • Tidavadee Tongdethsri - tt125@students.waikato.ac.nz  Gender and environment, climate change, democracy, developing countries, social development

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