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The Ako (Teaching and Learning) Network was established in 2022 to promote the development of teaching and learning among NZPSA members. The network aims to support teacher-scholars of political science in Aotearoa, with a particular focus on developing and showcasing best practices specific to our context.

If you wish to join the network and be part of our mailing list, please contact Dr. Claire Timperley:


Claire Timperley, Te Herenga Waka

Lara Greaves, University of Auckland

Luke Oldfield, University of Auckland

Tracey Nicholls, Massey University

Justin Phillips, University of Waikato

Edward Elder, University of Auckland

Priya Kurian, University of Waikato

Patrick Barrett, University of Waikato

Olli Hellmann, University of Waikato

Emily Beausoleil, Te Herenga Waka

Sylvia Nissen, Lincoln University

Julija Sardelic, Te Herenga Waka

Matthew Castle, Te Herenga Waka

Sarah Bickerton, University of Auckland

Janine Hayward, Otago University

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