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2018 Co-Editors

Sylvia Nissen (University of Canterbury):

Jean Drage (Lincoln University):

2017 Co-Editors

Priya Kurian (University of Waikato):

Gauri Nandedkar (University of Waikato):

2016 Co-Editors

Priya Kurian (University of Waikato):

Greta Snyder (Victoria University of Wellington): greta.snyder@vuw.ac.nz

2015 Lead Editor

Lena Tan (University of Otago): lena.tan@otago.ac.nz

2015 Associate Editor

Anthony Deos: anthony.deos@gmail.com

2015 Editorial Board

Jennifer Curtin (Auckland): j.curtin@auckland.ac.nz

Beth Greener (Massey): b.greener@massey.ac.nz 

Janine Hayward (Otago): janine.hayward@otago.ac.nz

Bronwyn Hayward (Canterbury): bronwyn.hayward@canterbury.ac.nz

Priya Kurian (Waikato): pkurian@waikato.ac.nz

Greta Synder (Victoria): greta.snyder@vuw.ac.nz


Women Talking Politics is a network promoting communication among women and trans women working on political issues, their research and events across Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond. It is designed to promote communication among women and trans women working in national and international politics, Māori and indigenous politics, political theory, public policy, political communication and other related disciplines. It includes women and trans women teaching, researching or actively engaged in women’s issues and politics more broadly. As such it showcases short pieces about research, news and events around a range of these topics.

Women Talking Politics has been an important source of articles, news and discussion about political thought and action written by women since 1987. Temporarily suspended in 2009, after the Christchurch earthquakes, it was brought back at the 2014 NZPSA Conference in December as a new annual Research Magazine.

Call for papers

2018 Issue of Women Talking Politics

Co-Editors: Sylvia Nissen and Jean Drage

The aim of Women Talking Politics – a mini-journal produced by the New Zealand Political Studies Association – is to promote the work of women political scientists in New Zealand.

We are seeking submissions by New Zealand-based women political scientists (both academic staff and postgraduate students) for the following sections:

1. Research Briefs of 200-300 words. These briefs should present research currently in progress. They are intended to highlight the breadth of work being undertaken by women political scientists in New Zealand.

2. Articles of 800-1,000 words. Following the typical article format, these short essays are intended to allow the readership a deeper look into completed or nearly-completed research projects. Articles will go through a blind peer-review process.

3. Book reviews: We invite undergraduate and postgraduate women students enrolled in political science papers in 2018 to submit reviews of books written by women and/or with a feminist angle. Reviews of recent books published in the last 3 years are encouraged.

4. Creative writing: We particularly encourage female undergraduate students enrolled in undergraduate political science papers in 2018 to submit creative writing pieces on politics, social justice movements, environmental activism and other topics with a feminist angle. The word limit for these pieces is flexible, but ideally it should not exceed 800 words.

​Please​ ensure that all submissions adhere to APA referencing style.

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis through 1 September 2018, and should be emailed to admin@nzpsa.co.nz

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