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2020-2021 Co-Editors

Lara Greaves (University of Auckland):


Jennifer Curtin (University of Auckland)


2019 Editor

Sarah Hendrica Bickerton (Victoria University): 


2018 Co-Editors

Sylvia Nissen (Lincoln University):

Jean Drage (Lincoln University):

2017 Co-Editors

Priya Kurian (University of Waikato):

Gauri Nandedkar (University of Waikato):

2016 Co-Editors

Priya Kurian (University of Waikato):

Greta Snyder (Victoria University of Wellington): greta.snyder@vuw.ac.nz

2015 Lead Editor

Lena Tan (University of Otago): lena.tan@otago.ac.nz

2015 Associate Editor

Anthony Deos: anthony.deos@gmail.com

2015 Editorial Board

Jennifer Curtin (Auckland): j.curtin@auckland.ac.nz

Beth Greener (Massey): b.greener@massey.ac.nz 

Janine Hayward (Otago): janine.hayward@otago.ac.nz

Bronwyn Hayward (Canterbury): bronwyn.hayward@canterbury.ac.nz

Priya Kurian (Waikato): pkurian@waikato.ac.nz

Greta Synder (Victoria): greta.snyder@vuw.ac.nz


Women Talking Politics is a network promoting communication among cis women, trans women, and non-binary persons working on political issues, their research and events across Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond. It is designed to promote communication among cis women, trans women, and non-binary persons working in national and international politics, Māori and indigenous politics, political theory, public policy, political communication and other related disciplines. It includes cis women, trans women, and non-binary persons teaching, researching or actively engaged in women’s issues and politics more broadly. As such it showcases short pieces about research, news and events around a range of these topics.

Women Talking Politics has been an important source of articles, news and discussion about political thought and action written by women since 1987. Temporarily suspended in 2009, after the Christchurch earthquakes, it was brought back at the 2014 NZPSA Conference in December as a new annual Research Magazine.

Call for papers: by 20 September

2020-2021 bumper issue of Women Talking Politics

Co-editors: Lara Greaves & Jennifer Curtin

We have extended the deadline one last time - until 20th September for the 2020/2021 bumper issue of Women Talking Politics.  

We are especially seeking research briefs from postgraduate students and academics. 

Our previous call for papers: 

The aim of Women Talking Politics – a mini-journal produced by the New Zealand Political Studies Association – is to promote the work of women(-identified and non-binary) political scientists in New Zealand. 

We would like to thank the authors who submitted last year and thank everyone for their patience and support in changing the plan to create a 2020/21 bumper issue of Women Talking Politics.  

The 2020/21 bumper edition would like to focus the impact of COVID-19 on women in politics, policy, and the academy. However, we encourage anyone to send their work in, regardless of whether it falls within this focus. Please note that the brief for Women Talking Politics is both women talking about politics, as well as women in politics, so there is quite the range of possibilities open. 

We will be seeking submissions by New Zealand-based women political scientists (both academic staff and postgraduate students), policy academics, and social scientists for the following sections: 

Research Briefs of 200-300 words.  

Articles of 800-1,000 words.  

Book reviews. 

Creative writing, ideally not more than 800 words, but this is flexible 

Submissions should be emailed to lara.greaves@auckland.ac.nz  by the 20th of September 2021. 

More information and back-issues can be found in the Women Talking Politics page on the NZPSA website: https://nzpsa.com/women-talking-politics 

The 2020/21 edition of Women Talking Politics is being edited by Dr Lara Greaves and Professor Jennifer Curtin from the Public Policy Institute at the University of Auckland. 

​Please​ ensure that all submissions adhere to APA referencing style.

Women Talking Politics 2019

2019 Issue of Women Talking Politics

Editor: Sarah Hendrica Bickerton

2019 was a year of local government elections where women took a front seat in many of the contests and often won. We also saw progress domestically around such things as abortion law reform, an updating of the births, deaths, marriages, and relationships act, potential changes to how sexual assault victims are treated in court cases post- the Grace Millane trial. We also saw massive youth-led Climate Strike protests around the world, inspired by the activism of Greta Thunberg, against inaction on global climate change. And a photo from one such protest on the lawn of our Parliament here in New Zealand graces the cover of Women Talking Politics this year.

The journal opens with a piece on the local government elections this year, specifically looking at the question of the ‘womenquake’ of women’s electoral success in the 2019 local government elections, as written by Jean Drage.

The articles cover a spread of topics, from climate politics ten years on from Copenhagen from Raven Cretney & Sylvia Nissen, to the ‘Dunedin Model’ of decriminalised sex work by Peyton Bond, a restorative reorientation of the criminal justice system from Sarah Roth Shank, the EU’s disintegration over refugee responsibility from Laura MacDonald and Ayca Arkilic, and Bethan Greener on pursuing the WPS agenda.

The reflections are a couple engaging pieces, one from Maria Bargh and Lydia Wevers on why land is never just land, and another from Emily Beausoleil on transforming unjust ‘structures of feeling’. We also have four research briefs from Lara Greaves, Nadine Kreitmeyr, Francesca Dodd, and Trang Thu Autumn Nguyen.

We finish with two excellent book reviews, from Rae Nicholls on the authorised biography of Annette King from John Harvey & Brent Edwards, and from Margaret Hayward on “Marilyn Waring the political years”, the autobiographical account from Marilyn Waring.

I do hope you enjoy this year’s edition of the magazine, and I wish to express my thanks to Jean Drage and especially Sylvia Nissen, co-editors of WTP in 2018, for their wonderful help and guidance.

Sarah Hendrica Bickerton

Editor, Women Talking Politics 2019

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