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NZPSA|TKTToA 2023/2024 Conference: The Rising Pacific

University of Auckland | Waipapa Taumata Rau

Date: February 15th -17th 2024  

The Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Auckland | Waipapa Taumata Rau is very pleased to be hosting the 2023/2024 NZPSA|TKTToA Conference in-person in Auckland. The conference will be held on the 15th - 17th of February 2024. Details of the postgraduate workshop are forthcoming. 

This is a departure from our usual time slot of late November/early December. As this is our first in- person conference since COVID, we wanted to make sure everybody is able to attend, and the differing timing is an attempt by the organisers to avoid the cluster of conferences taking place towards the end of the year, including the decision by the Australian PSA to shift their conference to the final week in November. We're very much looking forward to being able to get the Association together once again!

Conference Theme: The Rising Pacific  

As sea levels rise in our region, the Pacific is also garnering a rising level of political attention. The Pacific is a site and source of political innovations for the complex and intersecting challenges faced by people and governments around the world. The Pacific confronts rising economic inequalities, increased international geopolitical tensions, a mutating pandemic, cataclysmic climate change and ongoing entrenched racisms, sexism, and other discriminations. At the fore in engaging with these, and other matters the Pacific may offer alternative responses, knowledges, and experiences.

Conference Website  

The Conference Website is now live. This will be your one stop shop for all the Conference 2023/2024 details, including a schedule of papers, keynote speakers and more. Currently you can find the Call for Papers and some preliminary details of the Conference, but come back soon for more! 
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